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The Cajun Connection

(Thank you Mike. Mike Lillie's Photography)

The Cajuns are coming!!!

The Cajuns are coming!!!

The Cajuns are coming!!!

Lots of them too! Click on the links above to see what the fuss is all about!!!!!!


Have you ever been to a concert for a certain singer only to see the opening act take up an hour of the time? Remember how it felt when the singer finally got to the stage? Take that very moment in your mind right now and think about it. Still got it there? Good. Now you know how it feels when they Cajuns are around. not just on stage but in your grocery store, convenience store or whenever you see them. It is that very moment that the energy and excitement all come together that you realize why you like the singer as much as you do. Now imagine a group having this much excitement all the time. After you are able to do this  you will have the Cajun Experience. 

Cedric Benoit and the Cajun Connection are one of the best upbeat and energized groups in Branson Missouri's ever growing entertainment industry. They have been performing at Silver Dollar City for over 14 years. Entertaining guest from all over the world showing what true Cajun music has to offer. Once you have entered into the Cajuns theatre you all of a sudden become fully energized and ready to rock and roll. Yet these guys are all very common and down to earth. None of them ever thinking they are too good to say hello.

Hey don't be going to sleep now. the BEST is yet to come! Click the links to go where no man has ever gone before! Into the mind of Cajuns!